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Feeling worn out from work?

You’ve had a busy day. You’re finally home but the anxiety still lingers, and you can’t seem to shake the stress from work.

Sound familiar?

When you’re under constant tension, it’s hard to reach the heights you demand of yourself and others.

Mood swings, poor energy, and lack of focus are unfortunately one of the main symptoms of low testosterone.

Constant stress can kill your natural production of the male hormone, which can in turn have a negative impact on your results in business.

Luckily, a research-backed test booster can help.

What Is The Solution?

Centrapeak is a proven low testosterone booster that drives success. It was specifically designed for you, the man who demands more.

  • Focus – Calm the mental chatter and achieve peak efficiency at work.
  • Mood – Feel happier, less stressed, and more in control.
  • Energy levels – Forget the lift-and-crash routine of caffeine, Centrapeak delivers clean energy for your demanding mental tasks and activities.
  • Creativity – Enter your next meeting ready to solve problems and make things happen.

As your mood drops, so will your results. By improving happiness and reducing anxiety, you’ll get better at handling any setbacks or issues that come your way.

Tailor-Made For Success

Focus. Motivation. Creativity. Leadership. These are some of the most important qualities of a success-driven man.

Did you know? Neuroplasticity allows your brain to change and adapt as you age. In other words, your neurological processes and requirements are different than they were 10, or 20 years ago. (4)

There comes a point in your life where you require more focus to win-out those boardroom negotiations. Mental resilience to help you stay calm under pressure. And mood support relieves the strains of work. All of this combined with an emphasis on physical energy, mental nourishment, and long-range brain health.

This is precisely where Centrapeak excels.

How Does Centrapeak Work?

Centrapeak is all about turning back the clock and bringing you back to your peak. Here’s how it works:

  1. Optimizes neurotransmitters – these include serotonin and dopamine that regulate your mood and well-being.

  2. Reduces inflammation – Inflammation can not only hinder your physical recovery (e.g. from training) but can also diminish your mood and increase stress levels. Centrapeak works to prevent this.

  3. Directly supports T production – Encourages Leydig cells to create more testosterone in the presence of the luteinizing hormone (LH).

  4. Reduces stress hormones – This includes cortisol which reduces your T levels, mood and mental performance.

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How Higher Testosterone Can Help You in Business

Research shows a strong connection between testosterone and success in the professional world. Two studies in particular stand out:

Higher Testosterone Improves Leadership Ability

Too much stress can lead to low test levels.

This is not good news if you're looking to stay ahead in business. According to a new study from Harvard Kennedy School, testosterone levels could play a big role in your ability to lead others and make important decisions.

The study shows that leaders, CEOs, and other men in positions of authority have notably higher testosterone levels than their followers.

The lead study researcher, Gary Sherman, suggested that boosting your body's natural test production could hold the key to unlocking the innate alpha male in you.

Higher T Makes You More Competitive

Having higher T levels is associated with increased confidence and competitiveness. (5)

Additionally, men with higher test levels are shown to be more inclined to take that step forward and pursue bigger goals than men with low testosterone who settle for mediocrity.

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Why is Centrapeak Different?

Unfortunately, many of the so-called 'brain-boosting' supplements nowadays are nothing more than stimulant-filled, cheap formulas that only leave you feeling jittery.

Centrapeak is not a fad product, nor is it a caffeine-stuffed pill. It's a supplement that's set to redefine the testosterone booster market.

Combining the power of natural nootropics and test boosting ingredients, Centrapeak works to improve your performance - and results - on every level.

Imagine what it would be like to…

  • Go into a meeting brimming with confidence & enthusiasm
  • Feel sharper & more alert when talking to people
  • Unlock your creativity and problem-solving skills

By utilizing the latest, cutting edge research, such on-demand benefits are now only a click away.

Each Centrapeak capsule is loaded with highly effective, optimal doses.

While staying within studied & safe limits to ensure that the product works flawlessly for you.

Key Ingredients For Stress, Mood, and Brainpower

Centrapeak delivers research-backed ingredients to boost your testosterone and cognitive wellbeing.

Vitamin D3

The sunshine nutrient with mood-boosting properties. There are many forms of vitamin D, but D3 is the most potent one. It acts like a hormone in your body; helping to raise T levels. (9)

Vitamin D improves key factors that are associated with success in business:

  • Stress & Depression - Vitamin D is shown to combat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and improve mood in people who're stressed.
  • Anabolic Hormones - Vitamin D effectively raises your total and free T levels.
  • Cognition - Supplementing with vitamin D will turn up your mental performance, too.

Much like with zinc, vitamin D deficiency has become somewhat of an epidemic these days. Around 42% of Americans are deficient in this critical vitamin, and no one knows exactly how many more people have sub-optimal D3 levels.

Luckily, Centrapeak provides you with clinically studied doses of vitamin D - 3300IU per serving.

Vitamin D3


Found in cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, I3C breaks down into DIM in your body, where it exerts its wealth of benefits:

  • Reduces Estrogen - I3C inhibits estrogen activity, giving your testosterone more room to thrive. (7)
  • Keeps you lean and healthy - High estrogen can aggravate prostate health and lead to gynecomastia (the infamous man boobs). I3C works to prevent that.

A study with 7 men showed that just 1 week of I3C supplementation led to a significant increase in estrogen metabolism. (8)

Less popular but far more effective than its metabolite DIM, I3C is an ingredient with many extra health benefits that will contribute to your masculine health and workplace success.



Boron is a trace mineral that improves your androgen hormones. It's shown to promote (11, 12):

  • Free and total testosterone - Boron reduces the levels of SHBG, which is responsible for rendering testosterone inert.
  • Brain health - Testosterone is shown to directly influence neurogenesis, the birth of new brain cells. In other words, boron aids in keeping your brain young.
  • Energy - Boron promotes physical performance and helps you work longer hours when needed.
  • Memory - Studies show that boron increases both short term and long term memory.

Anti-Stress & Mood Support

Keeps you cool and calm when things get hot.



Ashwagandha is chock-full of nutrients that boost your strength, energy, and resistance to stress.

Three key benefits of Ashwagandha for business:

  • Increases testosterone - Helps to maximize your masculinity.
  • Relieves stress - Shown to reduce cortisol by 30% in studies.
  • Supports vitality - Boosts your energy levels for higher productivity.

As an adaptogen, Ashwagandha also makes you more emotionally robust and helps you thrive under pressure.


Mucuna Pruriens

Mucuna Pruriens or Velvet Bean is a unique plant, in the sense that it promotes motivation and drive like no other. It interacts with receptors in your brain that produce dopamine and testosterone, helping you to tap into the benefits of these success-driving chemicals.

The importance of dopamine in today's world is greater than ever. This neurotransmitter gets depleted when you're under stress, which then leads to poor focus and energy. Luckily, Mucuna provides you with Leva-Dopa which is a direct precursor to dopamine. Thus, it helps you maintain optimal levels of this crucial brain chemical.

Mucuna Pruriens


Our diet contains many essential minerals. But magnesium is the pick of a very important bunch when it comes to male health.

It plays a key role in muscle & nerve relaxation, cardiovascular health, and yes, testosterone production as well.

Magnesium helps you with:

  • Mood - Helps you destress and unwind from work when you get home.
  • Masculine health - Increases both free and total testosterone in your body.
  • Nerve functioning - Improves memory and neuron to neuron communication.

With modern farming methods and soil depletion being at their all-time peak, magnesium deficiency is more common than ever today.

Centrapeak provides you with 50mg of a premium form of magnesium called citrate. This is equivalent to 200mg of the cheaper but more common magnesium oxide.

Energy & Drive Amplification

Delivers clean energy and focus to help you seal the deal.


Korean "Panax" Red Ginseng

Korean Panax Ginseng or simply True Ginseng is a herb with a strong pedigree in clinical research. According to numerous studies, Panax Ginseng helps you with (1, 2, 3)

  • Male health - This includes testosterone production and performance.
  • Confidence - Improves subjective well-being.
  • Anti-fatigue - Helps you to push through challenging mental tasks.
  • Mental sharpness - Fights off cognitive decline and keeps the brain young.

The wide spectrum of benefits that Panax Ginseng delivers - both physical and mental - means it's an integral part of a 'Body and Mind' product like Centrapeak.

Panax Ginseng

Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola is shown to have similar benefits as anti-depressant Zoloft in terms of alleviating the blues. Without the side effects. (6)

An adaptogenic herb, Rhodiola boosts your resistance to fatigue & stress while at the same time promoting a positive headspace.

Rhodiola will help you with:

  • Energy - One of the biggest Rhodiola's strengths is its ability to ward off fatigue.
  • Cognitive function - Rhodiola repairs neural damage and boosts neurogenesis in the hippocampus, an area of the brain that regulates your cognition and mood.
  • Reduces depression - Rhodiola boosts 5-HT (serotonin) levels in the brain, helping you feel better and less strained from work.
Rhodiola Rosea

For a run down on the full formula and the related clinical studies we'd recommend spending some time on our detailed Ingredients page.

Centrapeak Ingredients
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Get Centrapeak Working For You

In the Office

Distractions are all around us. Social media, e-mails, calls, TV ads, you name it. It's no surprise that our attention span has reached an all-time low over the last decade.

The question then is, how are you expected to finish that project on time, stay in a good mood, and spend more quality time with your family

Centrapeak brings back that mental clarity to help you better navigate your busy schedule. It helps you get into the 'zone' - making work feel effortless.

At Home

Does your mental chatter from work carry over to your personal life? Can't switch off from the grind when you get home?

Centrapeak's natural ingredients work to relieve anxiety, worry, and rumination.

And help you redirect your focus to things that are important to you. Imagine the feeling of being able to unplug from the stress and enjoy what is here and now.

At Play

You've decided to take some time off. But your mind is still attached to that thing that happened at work last week, and you can't seem to enjoy your free time.

Even when playing your favorite sport, you find it hard to switch off and forget about work.

Centrapeak calms the racing mind and gives you the focus that is the trademark feature of all successful athletes. No mental noise, no distractions, simply pure immersion in the present moment.

Our Premium Standards Are Your Safeguard

  • Clean and natural formula - Gluten-free, preservative-free, and non-GMO.
  • Made to the highest GMP standards - The highest quality ingredients.
  • Full Transparency - All the ingredients are clearly listed on the label for you to see.
  • 3rd Party Tested - Ingredients in Centrapeak go through rigorous testing to ensure they deliver maximum efficacy and safety.
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